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Coconut Grove Park
Updated 21 May 2019

Food Trucks in Coconut Grove

Food trucks are all the rage today, but anyone who knows Coconut Grove knows that they started the trend way back in 1978. That’s right; for thirty-four years people have flocked to our lovely Coconut Grove Park – Kennedy Park to slurp down a frozen lemonade at A.C.’s Icee’s.

Although A.C.’s is an institution, it remains a food truck. You can find it parked on in the North Parking lot of Kennedy Park, just off South Bayshore Drive. It is surrounded by respite shade from a group of trees, but shade is never good enough to cool one down on a hot Miami afternoon in the summer. You will almost always find a short line waiting to served at A.C.’s. That’s a good sign. When people line up, you know it’s worth it.

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The Charlotte Jane Memorial Cemetery
Updated 30 October 2018

By: Rebecca Cofiño/ Blogger

It’s Halloween.

Time to raise the undead.

For most of the year, zombie fans are relegated to the sidelines of our society, but on Halloween, the spooky, the scary and downright creepy are thrust into the spotlight. Nothing is scarier than the thought of zombies wandering around the earth.

Unless you imagine them dancing with Michael Jackson in a graveyard to the beat of Thriller.

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Old Cutler Road
Updated 20 May 2019

By: Rebecca Cofino/Blogger

One of the best ways to appreciate the beauty of Coconut Grove is to get out of your car and get on to a bike. From the vantage of your bike seat you can soak in all of the scenery. You won’t be alone. Lot’s of people love to bike through the Grove. If you don’t know where to begin, follow this path from the heart of the Grove to Matheson Hammock Park, located just south of Coconut Grove.

Begin at Cocowalk. You can grab a smoothie for fuel or grab some takeout for a picnic lunch. It’s always striking how busy this tiny section of the Grove is, compared to the lush green spaces not very far away. Navigate south, down Main highway.

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